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Learn more about the 21 Stages Meditation Program

  Questions you may have about the 21 Stages Meditation program, answered by GuruJivan What is the 21 Stages Meditation?  Yogi Bhajan divided meditation into 21 different stages and that is what we will be working on throughout the Journeys.  Discovering each stage and doing a meditation to help understand and move beyond that particular stage.   How is it [...]

Astrology report with Gillian Dwyer

One last eclipse - Twists and turns and living from the Heart Eclipses have long lasting effects, influencing us at a deep level while sometimes bringing sudden change before, during or after their physical manifestation. In the short term you may have experienced the total eclipse of the Moon on 28 July as some sort of energy wipe-out.   The [...]


Shamanic Journey: client experience

The story of the pirate snore. A beautiful sister came for a Crystal Dreaming Shamanic Journey to clear anything that may be preventing her from accessing her blueprint and to commune with the beings that love her unconditionally.. A regular day in the clinic for a crystal medicine woman. We cleared some past life trauma including a situation with a [...]

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Empowered gut health for IBS & Weight loss – The potential to solve gut issues

Empowered gut health for IBS & Weight loss - The potential to solve gut issues The gut itself contains a thin layer of brain cells (neurons) called the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) which is involved with managing the process of digestion and moderating gut discomfort. The ENS is often referred to as the body's second brain. There are hundreds of millions of neurons connecting the [...]

Nervous System and our Brain

Nervous System and our Brain by Rachel Hanrahan Book here!   Since the industrial revolution our society has emphasized the value of production and consumption. Being busy affirms our importance and a belonging to our society as very little value is placed on just being.  However we are human ‘beings’ and our physiology in particular our brains and nervous system [...]