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Five Ways to Heal Your Menstrual Cycle: Part One

Five Ways to Heal Your Menstrual Cycle: Part One by Rebecca van Horssen Kinesiologist & Naturopath     The Psychosomatic Level - Understanding & Listening to Your Cycle’s Voice Listening is something that, culturally speaking, we tend not to be particularly good at. Hand in hand, we are also particularly good at ignoring our body’s messages, as often they are [...]

Astrology Report with Gillian Dwyer

  Through Imagination, A Lost Opportunity is Regained  Jupiter and Pluto are combining at this new Moon in a way that resonates with the annual theme of Jupiter in Scorpio. This reinforces the theme of bringing things out into the light for clearing, especially in relation to power and sexuality. It should be an exciting time as the Sun has [...]



SAT NAM RASAYAN COMMUNITY HEALING   Every month at Kundalini House, Namo Dev brings the opportunity to experience a Sat Nam Rasayan healing at the community rate of $30. For those that may have limited financial resources, this is a great way to experience the subtleties of a Sat Nam Rasayan healing at an affordable exchange. It also makes having [...]

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Osteopathy & Period Pain (Dysmenorrhoea) by Dr. Drew Carr

Osteopathy and Period Pain (Dysmenorrhoea) Experiencing pain just prior to or during your period is often considered normal, unavoidable and ‘just one of those things’.  Osteopaths take a different view, and may be able to help. Dysmenorrhoea can be described as severe period pelvic pain that interferes with normal daily activities. It causes stress and pain as well as nausea, [...]

How can Osteopathy help you? by Dr. Miranda Phaedonos

Osteopathy can be a great modality on its own or as an adjunct to mental health services depending one's individual requirements. A consultation may involve the direct treatment of the nervous system to quieten the sympathetic nervous system - what controls our fight or flight response and can cause us to stay in a stressed or anxious state. Additionally, an [...]