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How can Osteopathy help you? by Dr. Miranda Phaedonos

Osteopathy can be a great modality on its own or as an adjunct to mental health services depending one's individual requirements. A consultation may involve the direct treatment of the nervous system to quieten the sympathetic nervous system - what controls our fight or flight response and can cause us to stay in a stressed or anxious state. Additionally, an [...]


Toolkit for Grounding

Sally Liston, CyberScan/Access Bars practitioner: Being in the ocean or the bush is always very nurturing and rejuvenating for my mind & body. Otherwise yoga nidra helps me sleep if my mind is racing and asking questions like "who does this belong to?" Meg Steele, Kundalini Yoga teacher & Music Therapist: Listen to mantra. Although from a music therapy perspective [...]

Mental Attitudes|

Stress busting tools that work!

Stress busting tools that work! Life is full of pressures, deadlines and demands. For some people, stress is so common that it becomes their way of life. We think of stress as being “bad” and relaxation as being “good”. Actually, in healthy doses, stress is a good thing. It can help us perform under pressure and motivate us to do [...]


Astrology Report with Gillian Dwyer

 I'll See You on the Dark Side of the Moon We begin the forecast period on an expansive note as Mars emerges from its intense and unrelenting focus in Scorpio into the great outdoors and expansive adventures of Sagittarius on Saturday 27 January. It will roam freely there until the 17th March. On the following day, Mercury squares Uranus before [...]