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Healing Addictions Course : What I need to know

Healing Addicitons: A 10-week Kundalini Yoga course with Onkartej Kaur   Tell us about the outline of the course. What can I expect from the classes? What do I need to prepare? The course is designed around creating a deep, experiential understanding of our spiritual, mental, physical and energetic bodies, so that a mastery of [...]

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Five Ways to Heal Your Menstrual Cycle: Part One

Five Ways to Heal Your Menstrual Cycle: Part One by Rebecca van Horssen Kinesiologist & Naturopath     The Psychosomatic Level - Understanding & Listening to Your Cycle’s Voice Listening is something that, culturally speaking, we tend not to be particularly good at. Hand in hand, we are also particularly good at ignoring our body’s [...]

Toolkit for Grounding

Sally Liston, CyberScan/Access Bars practitioner: Being in the ocean or the bush is always very nurturing and rejuvenating for my mind & body. Otherwise yoga nidra helps me sleep if my mind is racing and asking questions like "who does this belong to?" Meg Steele, Kundalini Yoga teacher & Music Therapist: Listen to mantra. Although [...]

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