Hatha Yoga for a Strong Body: Commit to 8 weeks of practice

Hatha Yoga for a Strong Body with Fernanda Ausmus   8-week Hatha Yoga course on Thursdays 9.30-10.45am Book here!   What are you excited about for your upcoming course? Assisting people to get out of stagnation and into flow, well-being, greater strength. Holding space at kundalini house with this course is bound to be a [...]

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Finding it hard to get motivated for your Yoga practice? Try our top tips!

1.    Get Educated Have you ever been in a class and wondered what the benefits are of placing our body in these strange positions?  There are so many great yoga resources out there, you only need to get out your iphone, use our dear friend the ‘internet’, lie in the sunshine (with sunscreen on of [...]

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Happy Winter Solstice!

Yin & Yang; Yoga & a Meditation Written by Gurudaya Kaur Khalsa The theory of yin and yang is the principle upon which oriental medicine is based. These two opposing but complimentary forces create the momentum for the manifestation of all life. The ever-changing balance of these two polarities gives rise to all cycles and [...]

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