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A NIGHT ON THE SUMMER SOLSTICE - A KUNDALINI YOGA WORKSHOP with Namo Dev   Attune yourself to the rhythms of nature as we gather on the Summer Solstice evening for a deep practice. Celebrating the great light as we also embrace the decline into the darkness, the shadow. Yogi Bhajan once said that “we [...]

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The Moon Sessions with Namo Dev

THE MOON SESSIONS A BI-MONTHLY 2-HR KUNDALINI YOGA CLASS   Bi-monthly Fridays 6:30pm-8:30pm All 6 sessions $150 Single sessions $30   6 OCTOBER – FULL MOON 20 OCTOBER – NEW MOON 3 NOVEMBER – FULL MOON 17 NOVEMBER – NEW MOON 1 DECEMBER – FULL MOON 15 DECEMBER – NEW MOON   Spacious 2-hour bi-monthly [...]

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Preparing for Birth with Guided Breathing and Deep Relaxation

By Nina Isabella In her wonderful book Gentle Birth Choices, Barbara Harper talks about the profound benefits of regularly practicing deep guided relaxation during pregnancy.  Harper states that during labour, women experience an altered state of consciousness. Knowing this gives us the superb opportunity to work with the body's innate desire to rest during labour.  [...]

The Science of Kundalini Yoga Meditation

As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a transpersonal counsellor who uses meditation as a therapeutic intervention, I am continually amazed by how profoundly this range of interventions can bring about deep, lasting change. I find it exciting that Western science has caught up with what yogic texts have been teaching for thousands of years. I [...]

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