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Overnight Gong Puja

This is an overnight event from Saturday 26th May 8.30pm to Sunday 27th May 7.30am. Please be advised that attendance is only possible for the full overnight event.   Puja We are delighted to welcome you to an all-night Gong Puja taking place at Kundalini House on Saturday 26th May 2018. What is Gong Puja [...]

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Gong Bath

Gong Bath with Dhyan Simran The Gong is the most sublime instrument of the yogi. It has the ability to induce a deep meditative state, it is a powerful tool to surrender the mind into a state of shunya or nothingness. “The Gong works on all levels to heal and transform, from the purely physical, [...]

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Full Moon Gong Journey – The Total Lunar Eclipse

The full moon and a total lunar eclipse is the optimal time for deep meditation and personal transformation. Join us for a mystical journey into the sound of the Gong with Mehtab Benton, master gong player and Kundalini Yoga Lead Teacher Trainer, from the USA: “When the full moon is darkened by an eclipse, we [...]

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