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Kundalini Mind & Meditation Workshop

Kundalini Mind & Meditation Workshop with Joanna Nation   In this specialised 2 hour workshop we’ll explore methods to rewire the brain and arrive at ‘thoughtlesness’ through kriya and meditation. Shuniya is the state of zero, silence and stillness. Reaching this becomes a practiced discipline.In this modern day and age we require certain tools to train our mind by directing it to confront  our unlimited soul. Our lives [...]

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A NIGHT ON THE SUMMER SOLSTICE - A KUNDALINI YOGA WORKSHOP with Namo Dev   Attune yourself to the rhythms of nature as we gather on the Summer Solstice evening for a deep practice. Celebrating the great light as we also embrace the decline into the darkness, the shadow. Yogi Bhajan once said that “we [...]

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So what is Kirtan?

Kirtan is a practice of traditional Indian Devotional Chanting-  an enjoyable and simple way to achieve a blissful state of yogic peace and purification. Traditional Sanskrit Mantras are sung with the accompaniment of Harmonium, Indian percussion and nowadays guitar bass and other instruments. The Kirtan “Leader” sings the mantra and the group repeats in unison. [...]

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