Each month we are given an opportunity to align with the cycles of the moon. An opportunity to renew on a cellular and subconscious level. As the moon waxes and wanes, we too fluctuate.  These cycles open up the space for exploration, awakening, release and purification. They open the space to set intentions and bring clarity to difficult moments. They offer us time to pause and listen to the whispers of the cosmos.


As our biofeedback moves from new moon to full moon, and full moon to new moon, I welcome you to these spacious bimonthly classes where you are given the time to tune into your own cycles. The classes use Kundalini Yoga to enhance the relationship between the moon, our higher consciousness and own biofeedback. They are deeply healing and often reveal many gems for you to further explore.


During the cycle of the New Moon we are at our lowest point of energy. Our glands are low and it is a good time to detoxify. Kriyas will be focused on glandular balancing and charging up new intentions with power.


During the cycle of the Full Moon we are at our highest point of energy. The secretions of our body are at their maximum. Kriyas will be focused on releasing the subconscious mind and accelerating healing.


In addition to tuning into the fluctuations of the moon, these classes also offer insight into major astrological transits from both the Western and Vedic perspective. I have been personally working with Kundalini Yoga to empower such cycles and transits for some time now and I have found it profoundly healing and clarifying.


The next quarter of The Moon Sessions begins on 13th April. This quarter will see the classes across two different venues, Kundalini House and Dharma Circle Collective. I hope that you will be able to join me. For bookings, head to


Book for all 6 sessions $150

Single Sessions $30



13 APRIL at Kundalini House

27 APRIL at Dharma Circle Collective

11 MAY at Dharma Circle Collective

25 MAY at Kundalini House

8 JUNE at Kundalini House

22 JUNE at Kundalini House


Here is what some others have had to say about these classes:


“Thank you Namo Dev for a very deep meditation session where dreams and waking thoughts intertwined.”

– Rachel Gleeson



“What a powerful evening last night! I can only describe the feeling I woke up with this morning like my heart has been let out of it’s cage that it has been encapsulated in for so long! Thank you again dear one for holding such a magical space to heal.”

– Emma Robinson



“Namo Dev’s Moon Yoga sessions are divine, heartful, insightful and powerful.

I feel blessed to attend these brilliant two hour yoga sessions, time to truly unwind, release, let go, embrace deep truths
and profound wisdoms. In her classes, I have personally experienced significant insights that have transformed
my well being and life.

Infinite gratitude to Namo Dev for creating a sacred time and space to honour the temple of the soul.”

– Linda Oy Ho


“The moon sessions have been such sacred experiences. They have enabled deep shifts, openings and healing. The deep Immersion into meditation mantra kriya and asana that is carefully designed around the moon phases is indescribably powerful. You truly have to experience it to truly understand its cosmic magic. I feel eternally grateful for these sessions as they have been nurturing me harmoniously throughout big transitions in my life. Namo Dev you truly have a gift and hold space in such a beautiful way. Thank you.”


– Rischenda Greaves


“Namo Dev’s moon sessions are an absolute must in your life. Her rich Kundalini teachings incorporated with the moon cycles has brought me a deeper sense of internal awareness. Through the sessions I have connected with myself in a more personal, intimate way and I feel the power of my light expending. I feel balanced and grounded, as I have learnt to better navigate myself on a daily bases from reflecting and allowing myself to flow with the current of the moon cycle. I leave the sessions feeling joy in my whole being and I am so grateful to have a teacher that teaches such magic”.


– Louise Bell









(Image by Camilla Gold)