Teen Yoga with Prathiba (aka BA)


Here’s a brief story of Yoga and me…. from our new teacher Prathiba.

When I was a teenager (~14y/o) growing up in India, I was experiencing many mood swings – feeling happy, feeling sad, feeling angry for no reason…The intervention from my parents for my mood swings was to send me to a yoga class every morning at 6am for a year!! I hated getting up so early, but I didn’t have a choice…After 3 months of daily yoga practice, I started to see a change inside myself. And started to think maybe this is not so bad…A year later, I was able to focus better on my homework, my memory improved, and my moods were slightly better (not completely!!)

Now 30 years later, as a child-youth-family psychotherapist, and having learnt more about life, mental health, neuroscience, body-mind connections, I have come to appreciate the usefulness of YOGA. I offer this therapeutic medium to help children and teenagers in schools, in individual and family sessions, and now here at Kundalini House.


EXPERIENCING mood changes, stress with new/old changes, difficulty in concentrating and focussing on tasks, or in their daily activities such as sleep/appetite/routine. Encourage them to try Teen Yoga.


  • Tracking sensations in your own unique body, and gain skills to notice its presence and potential when you make a mindful movement.
  • Gaining inner confidence to experience better control with your mind – by allowing your body to tolerate unfamiliar or difficult movements or sensations.
  • Amazing strengths you carry in your body that you never knew existed and how can embrace challenges even in the presence of anxiety, tension or uncertainty.


Make sure you don’t eat a big meal at-least one hour before you come to my class. You won’t enjoy my class if you have a full meal.

When you enter, we will begin for the first 10 minutes with a series of movements that will increase your heart rate, similar to say how you would feel from having done a sprint.

Following this, you will enter a specific series of movements tailored on that day to meet your body-energy needs, and focussed on core strength, balance, stability and flexibility.

Every class will end with a 15 minutes of YOGA NIDRA to help your mind-body relax and absorb all the hard work you have done.

 Teacher: Prathiba
When: 18th February – 8th April (7 week course)
*March 11th Labour day – No Class
Classes are accessible to anyone no matter your experience of yoga. Students will develop life long preventative strategies for coping with challenges, and develop a sense of their true self and power.
Students may arrive from 3:45pm and can leave (with parental permission) or be picked up at 5.05pm.
“You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.” Yogi Bhajan.
$18 per class
$13 per class for second sibling
Payable per term only, drop-in classes are possible in the first two weeks
Additional information:
It is possible to start mid term.
No make up classes for missed classes (incl. first class)