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Photo by Harsukh Kaur of Namo Dev with Guru Dev Singh, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan


Every month at Kundalini House, Namo Dev brings the opportunity to experience a Sat Nam Rasayan healing at the community rate of $40. For those that may have limited financial resources, this is a great way to experience the subtleties of a Sat Nam Rasayan healing at an affordable exchange. It also makes having ongoing monthly sessions with Namo Dev achievable.


Sat Nam Rasayan is a traditional healing art currently taught through the lineage of Kundalini Yoga. It purely uses the meditative mind and a deep state of awareness to heal. The healer does not bypass any steps nor does she/he interfere with, or take the place of the flow of events. The healer meditates and through the state of awareness melts away the resistance of the person seeking healing. Therefore, when you enter a state of Sat Nam Rasayan, you operate from a state of shyniya (zero), where within nothing there is the experience of everything.


Sessions are 30 minutes in duration (which is the general length of a Sat Nam Rasayan healing), where the client is lying down fully clothed. The practitioner may place their hand on the clients shoulder, arm or wrist and begins to enter the Sat Nam Rasayan space. It is an experience to be had. Trying to understand the process intellectually is fruitless. Often, clients want to understand ‘what’ is happening during the process, ‘what’ the healer is ‘doing’ to heal. This is what Guru Dev Singh, current living Master of Sat Nam Rasayan says about this:


“It is precisely at this point that those who are being healed by Sat Nam Rasayan begin to ask questions. You are the client and you have questions to ask. You want to know, know more, you want to be informed. It is a need which is in keeping with the times, which aims at knowing more, at accumulating information which we can all have access to. Even if you ask for even more knowing, though, what you are really looking for is something quite different: you are looking for the chance to increase your capacity of extending experience, of containing what happens” (1)


This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to begin the process of healing by melting the limitations of the body, mind and soul. If you are interested in booking a session with Namo Dev, contact her directly 0416 274 807. The remaining dates for 2019 are:


Saturdays 11:30am-3:30pm





Namo Dev is one of the Kundalini Yoga teachers at Kundalini House. She is also a health practitioner, using the modalities of Āyurveda and Homeopathy. Namo Dev passed Level 1 Sat Nam Rasayan testing with Guru Dev Singh in 2015. She has since been cultivating her practice and increasing her sensitive field through the deep meditations of Kundalini Yoga.


Here is what some people have had to say about receiving a Sat Nam Rasayan Healing with Namo Dev:


“I find my monthly Sat Nam Rasayan healings with Namo Dev invaluable. I have autoimmune disease and for me the sessions calm my symptoms and give me a sense of mental clarity and wellbeing. Namo Dev is an intuitive healer and her presence alone is very calming and nurturing.”


– Simone Dixon


“I have had two Sat Nam Rasayan healing sessions with Namo Dev over a three month period this year.  Whilst the sessions are very relaxing, both times there has been an awareness within me that something much deeper is occurring.  Like many other energetic healing modalities, Sat Nam Rasayan is something that needs to be experienced on an individual basis, rather than explained. I attribute these sessions, along with a greater commitment to my practice of Kundalini yoga this year, to being the catalyst for moving through some old energetic blocks – the healing sessions have definitely facilitated transformation and personal growth.  Namo Dev is a wonderful teacher and practitioner, she truly walks the path that she teaches and she shines a light as she holds space for others.  I highly recommend Sat Nam Rasayan if you are feeling energetically stuck or stagnant in any way.”


– Vanessa Foley




(1) Guru Dev Singh & Ambrosio Espinosa, Sat Nam Rasayan, The art of Healing (2005) Edizioni e/o