Our digestive system can be very sensitive to long distant travel, change in diet and disruption to routine, which can make for an uncomfortable time. Add to that the absence of our daily cup of caffeine or slice of something sweet – if that’s your thing – and we can also experience withdrawal headaches, cravings, irritation and impatience.

So to make sure that your digestive system is on your side, start making adjustments now. Begin to reduce your caffeine and sugar intake slowly. Simplify your diet. Stop snacking in between meals. Today is the first day of spring, which means we are in the right season to embark on a cleanse.

Yogi Bhajan often suggested mono diets to give the digestive system a rest and clear out any accumulation of toxin. Kitcheri can be great for this.

Sip on hot water throughout the day so that you are flushing any toxins and accumulation out. And visit your holistic practitioner for assistance with the appropriate herbal prescription for you. Of course, always consult your medical practitioner to make sure that a gentle cleanse is appropriate for you.

These tips have been shared by Namo Dev of Conscious Living, our community’s Āyurvedic and Homeopathic practitioner.

Namo Dev will also be presenting at the kundalini Yoga festival this year offering Āyurvedic tongue diagnosis and Sat Nam Rasayan healing with the Sat Nam Rasayan team. Be sure to drop in and say hello.


Namo Dev teaches Kundalini Yoga at Kundalini House Friday’s at 9:30am and Saturdays at 9am as well as offering workshops and Sat Nam Rasayan community healing. You can read more about Namo dev’s upcoming events on the Kundalini house website page  under heading “events” or call Kundalini House reception on 9482 4325