5 Day Hatha Yoga Intensive Course – Promoting improved body awareness, breathing techniques and meditation

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5 Day Hatha Yoga Intensive Course: Inviting students of all levels to explore a deeper practice promoting improved body awareness, breathing techniques and meditation.

To deepen your practice


When: 8th-12th April

Time: 6:30 – 7:30am


Do you sometimes feel as though you leave practice achier and a little more stressed than before you began? Your teacher may ask you to “meditate,” but the idea that you don’t know what you’re doing makes you breathe more erratically, your heart rate sky rocket and all of a sudden you’re practicing how to stress, rather than relax? 

Inviting you on a journey to explore simple, take home, techniques to assist with grounding, improving your body awareness and refining alignment in commonly practiced asana (postures) such as chaduranga, down dog, warrior poses, leg balances, back bends and simple inversion practice.

All levels welcome, come as you are.


Non Members: Full course $100 / $22 casual drop in class

FREE to Kundalini House Members


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