5 Day Winter Hatha Yoga Intensive Course – The Dance of Duality With Erika Newberry

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5 Day Winter Hatha Yoga Intensive Course – The Dance of Duality

Date: Mon 8th – Fri 12th July 2017

Time: 6:30-7:30am

Teacher: Erika Newberry

The dance between the yin and the yang, the light and the shadow side, the sun and moon; these opposing forces are represented everywhere, not only around us but also within us.  This 5 day intensive offers you the opportunity to use your yoga practice to explore the dance of duality within by bringing awareness to physical sensations, emotions and energetic flow. The integration of mindfulness practices within both dynamic and quieter yoga styles allows you to become more skillful in your own application of the practice in order to promote balance to your current state.

This yoga intensive will offer an exploration of Yin yoga, hatha yoga and meditation.  We’ll start in stillness, explore some yin forms before gradually building up movement into a slow flow, ready to transition into the day.  You can expect some pranayama (breath work) to be thrown into the mix and all woven together with some yogic philosophy.

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Cost: FREE for members & Non Members $100 full course / $22 per session



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