Breathe for Birth Workshop – 11 December 2016

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Breath for Birth Workshops are the synthesis of over a decade of birth support, offering you profound and practical ways to use your breath to:

  • Lean into the exquisite intensity of childbirth;
  • Consciously connect with your child;
  • Build emotional and energetic resilience;
  • Build trust in your body, your baby, your birth support and your birth choices;
  • Open your birth canal as you experience the difference between functional and “dysfunctional” pushing;
  • Protect your pelvic floor integrity through pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery;
  • Release favourable birthing hormones to support progress in labour;
  • Enter into the glorious altered state of consciousness that can lead to moments of joyful and maybe even ecstatic birth
  • Summon the will and resources to birth your child with dignity and grace.


Breathe for Birth Workshops are wonderful for first time mamas; those carrying birth trauma or woman hoping to create a more positive birth experience. These sessions will offer you ways to deepen your understanding of how and when you might use the different Active {conscious & engaged} Birth techniques through labour; how to confidently and intuitively take these practices from the yoga mat and into your birthing space.

Perfect anytime from the start of your second trimester,  you are welcome to attend these workshops once only. Or return for a richer immersive experience through your pregnancy.

Workshop Fees:

Single Session Full: $180/ Concession: $165*

Frequent Flyer: Book and pay for 2 or more sessions in advance Full: $165/ Concession: $160* per session

Bookings are essential:

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