Connect to Essence – For Kundalini Yoga Teachers

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Connect to Essence

A special series for Kundalini Yoga Teachers

to create clarity as a teacher and distill your message

6.30-9.00pm Fridays


19 August, 9 Sept, 21 Oct, 11 Nov

Investment – $220 || In Studio

Max 8 people & application to participate is required


In this four part series we will explore and remember the essence of why you became yoga teacher, connecting back to that original spark and recognising what your unique message is and how you can continue to share it with integrity.

The process is designed to question, acknowledge and release what no longer serves and embrace with confidence what feels right for you. Together we will share, contemplate, practice meditation and re-connect in new and energising ways.

Just as in Kundalini Yoga, you are invited to self initiate, allowing space to reconnect with your purpose as a teacher and how you share the teachings to serve your community.

How do I join the group?

Please email Dharamjot on to enquire.  There is a simple application sheet to fill in, before registration.  If you would like to ask more questions, please email Dharamjot (email above) or Billie at


Billie Atherstone – Has been a Kundalini Yoga teacher for 20 years, is a Professional Trainer and a soon to be Kundalini Yoga Therapist.  She has experienced the transformative and anchoring effects of yoga both within her own life and in witnessing others through classes, trainings, specialised courses and individual sessions.  She loves the ever unfolding experience of her practice and particularly the insights and learning from her yoga therapy trainings.  There has been so much change over the past few years and thus looks forward to creating a safe space for connection, inquiry and exploration into your identity as a (kundalini) yoga teacher.

Dharamjot Khalsa – Started Kundalini Yoga as part of her own personal development process and during the Teacher training realised that it is too good not to share. She has served on teacher training teams since 2008 in Australia and Malaysia. Over the past few years she has experienced tremendous change and has continued to evolve with the teachings and has used the practice as an anchor for self enquiry. She aims to teach from her heart and empower people to experience their own truth in a safe and non judgemental way.

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