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Deeper Sleep

10 week course (online & in studio)

Sundays 7-8pm with Rachel Hanrahan

Deeper Sleep is a 10 week program exploring energetic techniques from the traditions of yoga and qigong and modern science that have shown to help deepen our quality of sleep.

The program allows a personal supported journey to your own unique rhythm for deeper sleep and personalised self-care.  You will discover how your nervous system through polyvagal theory is a key to understanding the management of deeper sleep. You will develop an embodied inner resource to create safety at challenging times.

Learn your sleep rhythm, drive, chronotype and how they influence your capacity for deeper sleep.  Quality of sleep matters. It’s the deeper slower brain waves where the body sends electrical impulses to the cellular level to facilitate healing and restoration. We build this capacity for self-healing at a cellular level through our weekly yoga nidra live class.

The program also includes moving meditations and acupressure points in the Five Element Qigong tradition that help move energy/qi from stagnation into flow to allow the body to rest and experience deeper sleep.

The course includes:

  • 10 weekly live classes  Sunday 7-8pm online or in person 
  • Weekly Classes with lectures are recorded via Zoom and available throughout the course.
  • Yoga nidra weekly practices are recorded and yoga nidra audio is available for personal download.
  • Qigong video sequences from live classes recorded for personal use.

Here are some testimonials:

“I have been monitoring my sleep patterns for some months now and usually have less than 30 minutes “deep sleep” recorded each night. Imagine my delight upon checking last night’s sleep details after one yoga nidra for deeper sleep to I had notched up 1 hr 57 mins deep sleep! Wow, that is my best by far! My heart rate and stress level were also greatly reduced.” – Christine 37

“Thank you Rachel, I loved being able to take part in your deeper sleep course.  I appreciate how attentive you were and how you taught the importance of giving ourselves permission to rest and to make choices during the practice that worked best for us. I really liked your theory teaching at the beginning of the classes too.” – Jodie 40


Starts: 10 July – 11 September 2022

Time: 7-8pm Sundays

Investment: $300 / $250 (concession & members) + all recordings



Rachel Hanrahan:

Rachel is a certified trauma informed yoga teacher and iRest yoga nidra meditation teacher with the Integrative Restoration Institute (USA). iRest Yoga Nidra is an effective, researched based program to reduce symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and in chemical dependency recovery.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that Kundalini House has a cancellation policy which applies to courses held by or at Kundalini House. Please read the following carefully to ensure you understand the policy. • A cancellation of the full course, at any point, incurs a definite 30% administration fee of the entire course cost that is non-refundable. • Cancellations that occur more than 48 hours before the beginning of the upcoming session, will only incur the administration fee of 30% per remaining scheduled class(es). Past sessions of the course will not be refunded. • If you cancel your course with only 24 hours’ notice, you will be refunded 50% of the cost of the course (outstanding classes only), minus past sessions. • No-shows and same day cancellations of sessions are not refunded. (You are entitled to 2 make-up classes.) You will be refunded with credit on your Kundalini House account which you can use on products or services, if you wish to receive a refund to your bank account; a further 5% charge will apply for administration. Kundalini House strictly does not refund in cash.
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