Ecstatic Dream Manifestation

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Ecstatic Dream Manifestation

with Har Jiwan

The dynamic, refreshing and inspirational wisdom of HarJiwan will take you deep into an experiential authentic journey of the power, force, and grace of Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga, known also as the Yoga of Awareness, includes breath technology, movement, mantra, rhythm, music, meditation, and deep relaxation.
Join HarJiwan from Byron Bay for a magical, potent and powerful journey of dynamic Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

In this workshop we will balance all our power energy centres and open up wide and fearlessly the divine whisperings of your Heart. Listen to the rhythmic beat of your central Sun. Be led through a process of rebirthing, burn up ancient pain and come to dwell in that place within that chooses Peace.

Experience pure Soul Power – to manifest dreams we must learn to communicate prayerfully and develop a prayerful attitude. Consolidate and Concentrate BE YOU and put forth clear intension through the Turquoise Blue wonderland of the seat of Divine Will. Invoke the power of your Spirit and manifest your personal dream.

‘You know you are totally free when you no longer have to be the you that you pretend to be. This is profound freedom.’ – HarJiwan
What to expect during the ‘Ecstatic Dream Manifestation’ workshop:
* Activation of the Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland and Frontal Lobe
* Powerful Breath technology to Increase Life Force
* Balancing of all Chakras
* Increased Radiance, Magnetism and Light
* Rebirthing
* Enhanced Higher Awareness
* Core Strengthening
* Opening of your Heart and Unlocking of the Throat Chakra
* Deep release of stressors and tension
Workshops includes – symbolic ornament, dream intention, prayer, dance, transformational meditation, dynamic Kundalini yoga, Gong.
Open to all levels, beginners to advanced. EveryOne Welcome !
* INVESTMENT – $81 online or $90 at the door on the day

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About Har Jiwan

HarJiwan studied directly at the feet of the Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan and is a highly experienced, powerful and dynamic Kundalini Yoga and Transformational Teacher. One of Australia’s most experienced Yoga teachers, HarJiwan has been teaching and presenting nationally and internationally for over two decades. She devoted her life from a young age in service to activating the deepest inspiration within all individuals and awakening their inherent powerful light into full awareness; to reach their highest potential in body, mind and spirit.
Now based in Byron Bay for over 10 years, HarJiwan (Founderss of HarJiwanYoga and Creator of the WOW™) teaches workshops, intensive trainings, and her highly specialized signature WOW™ online Mentorship program globally.  She is a pioneer, spiritual teacher, healer, Kundalini Mentor, mother, pilates teacher and role model of the massive shift in consciousness that is happening on this planet. Also a certified educator in raw plant based vegan nutrition she has a passion for sharing the power of plant based foods and tonic herbalism.  
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