FREE Special Christmas Gift to Members – Kundalini Mantra Experience

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FREE Special Christmas Gift to Members – Kundalini Mantra Experience

Friday 21st December 2018, 7:30-9pm


As a special gift Kundalini House are offering all members a FREE extra class on Friday the 21st December to thank you for your presence in 2018 and celebrate a year of practice together. (Non-members may join for the price of a normal yoga class).


Join kundalini yoga teacher and music therapist Meg Steele for a special live music chanting meditation for connection to help you flow into the festive season. Please see below for more information, and use the Kundalini House app or website to book in.


How will the class be structured?  Attendees can expect to begin the class by tuning in and engaging in some gentle physical and vocal warmups before beginning the chanting meditation as Meg plays guitar. The class will conclude with a gong bath relaxation and singing the long time sun blessing.


Why chant mantra? And why in a group? Chanting a repeated phrase is one of the simplest ways to clear the mind and meditate, promoting glandular health and stimulating endorphins. Chanting alongside others is especially powerful and can build a sense of connection and togetherness.


What mantra will we be chanting and why? For this class we will be chanting the mantra “Hummee Hum Brahm Hum.” Chanting this mantra reminds us of our connection to one another and our divine nature. As we celebrate the festive season we will experience vibration of this mantra as a beautiful reminder to communicate with truth and love when engaging with family and friends at this often hectic and challenging time.


But I’m not a singer! Is this class for me? And Definitely! This class is inclusive of everybody. Chanting mantra is nothing about how it sounds and everything about the vibration. This class will be a safe space where there is no pressure to make any particular sounds, and listening and receiving is welcomed.


What should I wear? Totally up to you! We won’t be doing any vigorous yoga poses so you can wear what you like.


Will there be more chanting classes? During the past seven months of maternity leave Meg has deepened her own chanting practice and is excited to share knowledge from both her background as music therapist and yoga teacher at Kundalini House to support others to express their authentic voice.

Attendees will have access to an online video version of the mantra should they wish to continue as a daily practice through into the new year, as well as having the opportunity to provide feedback around the scheduling for more Kundalini Mantra Experience classes in 2019.





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