Healing Sounds for Well-being: 5-day intensive

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Healing Sounds for Well-being

Sound is the medicine of the future. Ancient cultures have used sound for healing for at least 40,000 years – Australian Aborigines, Egyptian and Babylonian cultures. Pythagoras was credited as the first person to use ‘Music as Medicine’ circa 500 BCE and during the Greco-Roman era stonewalled temples were used to enhance vibration and acoustics of sound for healing purposes.

All cells of the body emit a sound as a consequence of their metabolic process, this means that all cells, organs and bodily systems have a frequency and vibration that is most natural to them when in their optimal state. Sound and vibration has the ability to re-harmonise the cells, organs and the various functioning systems of our bodies as well as to relax and renew us
mentally and emotionally.

‘Healing Sounds for Wellbeing’ are based on an ancient Chinese Buddhist practice that uses break-work, toning and gentle movement to harmonise, de-stress, detoxify and bring fresh energy to the body. This powerful practice transforms the body physically, emotionally and energetically, encouraging deep relaxation and self-healing.

The healing sounds qigong practice dates back over 2500 years and is used to expel energy and heat from the internal organs and to release emotion held in the body. This week long intensive brings together sound and intention to facilitate powerful self healing through use of the voice, tone and vibration. No toning or other previous experience is required. Qigong is gentle movement suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


Integrative Qigong 5-day intensive

with Nicole Lee

Mon 7th January – Fri 11th January 2019


Investment: $100 full/ $22 casual attendance

Kundalini House members: free!



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