Kundalini Yoga 10-week Healing Addictions Course with Onkartej

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Kundalini Yoga 10-week Healing Addictions Course with Onkartej


May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 – June 7, 14, 21, 28, July 5th

Time: 11:00am – 12:15pm



Full: $250

Concession and members: $230

Plus $15 for booklet and handouts


“When you enrich your mind, you can break the slavery of low habits and ego. You can act as the entire cosmos and learn to elevate and let go.” –Yogi Bhajan


Learn how to connect to a power higher than those that keep you bound to unhealthy patterns. The path to true freedom lies within our ability to cultivate healthy habits which are in service of a deeply fulfilling lifestyle. Through the course of life, we often pick up unhealthy habits and behaviours from experiences and environments which can affect the quality of our mental, physical and emotional health. Habits that affect our quality of life can manifest itself in many different forms like food, social media, negative thoughts, drugs and alcohol, sex, gambling and work to name a few.


This 10-week course is designed with the intention of giving you yogic tools and techniques to strengthen your ability to sit with, and look at what is happening beyond the surface of the distractions we busy ourselves with.
Suitable for all levels of experience and all who have a deep longing to connect to, and explore the highest potentials of a life lived with decisive action, an ability to manage emotions, a clear open perspective and an inspired, trusting heart.


“I am deeply grateful to Onkartej for her generous and attuned teaching, and her commitment to me as a student, and the group of us as a whole. I would highly recommend her course to students who are wanting to deepen their self-understanding, who are interested in the concept of taking responsibility for personal growth and who are wanting to find new sustainable ways of working with difficult emotions and habits over time.” – Anon

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Inquires: onkartej@peacelovetruth.com

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