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Mantra Meditation Series

This Mantra Meditation series gives you the opportunity to connect to the powerful effects of chanting. Each month we will explore a special mantra and experience the positive power contained in the sound current. In our yoga practice, we see that mantra is an effective way in experiencing the expansion of Self and the elevation of the Spirit.
The 1.5hr session will include an explanation on the mantra, warmups, a 31-62 minute meditation, relaxation & gong and tea, to connect and reflect.
Investment: $30 and $25 for concession/members


Session 1: 11th June with Billie Atherstone – MORE INFO

Session 2: 9th July with Ania Hampton

Session 3: 13th August with Gurujivan

Session 4: 10th September

Session 5: 8th October with Dharamjot

Session 6: 12th November

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