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Mantra Meditation – The Chant to Awaken Us to Infinite Possibilities with Ania Hampton

Saturday July 9th, 2:30pm – 4:00pm
Investment is $30, or $25 for members

In this afternoon session, led by senior teacher Ania Hampton, we will delve into the Miracle Mantra, which awakens us to the infinite possibilities that are present right now.

The Miracle Mantra is grounding, powerful and can completely change how you feel in a matter of minutes. It helps release stress, insecurities and anxiety and bring you through the darkest times so you can create a better tomorrow. Chant wholeheartedly, let yourself get hypnotised by the mantra and experience the connection to the source of elevation and healing.

This 1.5hr session will include an exploration into the mantra, warmups, a 31-62 minute meditation, relaxation & gong and tea, to connect and reflect.

Mantra: Guru Guru Wahe Guru – Guru Ram Das Guru


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