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What do you sense is on the horizon? What do you sense you are becoming?

Together we move out of self doubt and choose to integrate with our destinies. 

Drop into this empowered space to prepare your mind, body and soul for the manifestation of your blessings.

This morning event will take place at the sacred Kundalini House in Fitzroy Melbourne in the comfort of a blessed room & the company of nature. 

Join us, Marissa Pagliarello & Em, The Aussie Mystic in a healing morning as we rise with Cacao & Body Love on this New Moon. 

Cacao is a warm nourishing drink of chocolate in it’s purest whole healing form. 

Body Love includes an Adornment of Eco Beauty Ritual, Yin Yoga & Guided Sound Meditation for release.

New Moon’s bring about a metaphysical energy of setting intentions, new energy, regenerated versions of self, launching and expansion. 

This morning is designed to support you out of fear and into empowered love as you step up into new callings.

This event aims to create space for you to drop into deeper communication.

Simply arrive and be guided by the medicine of Cacao & the ritual of Body Love. 

To prepare for this morning of beauty please bring a mug for us to pour your Cacao serve into and a journal to jot down insights.

Enjoy a nourishing freshly baked croissant & berries afterwards.



About the Hosts 

Marissa –
Marissa is a passionate Yoga and Meditation teacher who pours love and dedication into every sequence. She discovered the amazing health and wellbeing benefits of yoga in 2015 to help with her anxiety and has been fervently practicing ever since. Yoga has allowed Marissa to grow, learn and work towards becoming the best version of herself, both physically and mentally. Marissa hopes to share her love for yoga far and wide and support others in the same way this practice has supported her. With her sound knowledge and interest in the human body, Marissa delves into each pose deeply, always thinking about alignment and the benefits of the posture. She loves to create beautiful sequences that include movement, pranayama-breathing techniques and meditation. Marissa always encourages students to go beyond their practice, to listen to their bodies, to find meaning in every posture and hopes each student leaves her classes feeling balanced, calm, connected, nourished and nurtured.

Emily –
Em, The Aussie Mystic is an Intuitive Healer, Mystic & Eco Beauty Teacher. She works with Cacao from an all women’s collective in Guatemala to share the healing benefits of pure whole chocolate. Helping people to deepen their spiritual connection through beautiful, heart empowered and pleasurable energy medicine processes. Em is the owner of The Aussie Mystic Beauty an Eco-Friendly, Sustainable & Ethical Beauty Line of empowering beauty products. Her mission is to promote love consciousness on earth through all of her work.


Words can’t explain how incredible that was. I feel like I’m on such a high and at peace at the same time. You’re such a blessing and I’m so grateful that you’re in my life, you’re incredible and you give me so much inspiration to continue on this journey you’ve awoken within me. I’m so proud of the person you are and I’m so honoured to call you a friend. Thank you so much I loved every part of tonight, it was so emotional and exactly where I needed to be. I love you, keep shining bright because you’re changing lives and inspiring people to grow and love themselves. Something that I find to be the most hardest.”


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