Osteopathy Awareness Workshop: Intro to Osteo & more

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Osteopathy Awareness Workshop: Intro to Osteo & more with Miranda Phaedonos

Come and join us on Saturday the 14th of April for the first of two workshops in our Osteopathy Awareness series.
What is Osteopathy? Osteopathy is a highly regulated and holistic form of alternative health care. We’ll be taking some time to discuss what exactly this means and the philosophies osteopathy is built upon, including how the body holds its own self-regulating (healing) mechanism; and how sometimes all it needs is a little nudge in the right direction. We’ll explain the differences between direct and indirect techniques and how osteopaths can help with much more than just hands-on treatment, by encompassing aspects of your whole life – such as;
• nutritional advice
• movement therapy
• ergonomic modifications – at home or at work
• ways of coping through pain
• + much more Movement Therapy you can do at home or at work!
Here you will be welcomed to partake in a form of movement therapy. We will show you ways you can keep the smaller joints of the body in motion, to then decrease tension and/or pain felt in larger areas – the ones doing all the work. Movements will specifically target;
• posture
• reducing tightness through the neck
• increasing motion through the thoracic spine (the part that curves while hunched)
• decreasing low back stiffness
• hip openers at the desk or while sedentary
Pregnancy Care
If you’ve ever considered the addition of an alternative health care professional to your pregnancy care, you may not want to miss this. This section will cover;
• how osteopaths follow the pre-and-post natal body
• how treatment will change between trimesters
• common complaints osteopaths treat during pregnancy
• why one may be experiencing particular symptoms
Chronic Pain
Why can pain linger for years? Why does it come and go? We will be providing some information around chronic pain, why pain becomes chronic to begin with and natural ways you can try to move past it.
Looking forward to seeing you there,
Dr Miranda Phaedonos and Dr Drew Carr (Osteopaths)
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