Osteopathy Awareness Workshop: Osteopathy & the Breath

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Osteopathy Awareness Workshop: Osteopathy & the Breath with Drew Carr

In the second workshop of the series we will be looking at how Osteopathy views the breath, and how you can connect more with breath in your daily lives for increased well being. Like many therapeutic and introspective practices, Osteopathy places great importance on the simple act of breathing as a powerful tool for self learning and healing.

We all know that a good deep breath or a sigh can feel great, and that oxygen is important, but did you know that breath is also vital for;

● Pumping blood and lymphatics around the body and the internal organs
● Regulating arousal and emotional states
● Regulating the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
● Detoxification
● Maintaining a healthy posture

This highly practical workshop will use discussion and interactive exercises to increase your connection to breath, and use this connection to;

● ‘check-in’ with yourself
● Shift physical or emotional tensions
● Regulate your stress/arousal response
● Reduce chronic pain
● Improve your immunity level
● Feel great!

There will be plenty of time to explore any themes that emerge from the exercises, as this is often where the best learning happens. Looking forward to exploring with all of you.

Dr Drew Carr and Dr Miranda Phaedonos



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