Qigong for anxiety: Befriending the monkey mind and settling the heart – Workshop With Justine McGill

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Qigong for anxiety: Befriending the monkey mind and settling the heart

Friday 15th January 2021


The conditions of contemporary life are ideal for stimulating the “monkey mind,” a mind that is constantly busy, jumping into the future or scrabbling around in the past. This monkey is playful, energetic and creative, but can easily become over-active, distracted, and worried.


This is where qigong comes in, as an effective and accessible tool for alleviating symptoms of anxiety. Central to this ancient practice of energy cultivation is the mind-body connection – bringing the mind into the body in a way that supports the energetic flows that (according to traditional Chinese medicine) restore and sustain good health.


In this workshop, participants will experience how bringing attention to the moving, breathing body can both calm the anxious mind and energise the body. We will also explore how to respond to different forms of anxiety, depending on whether it is more closely linked to sorrow, fear, anger, empathy or worry.


In the words of the theme song to the Japanese TV show Monkey, “with a little bit of monkey magic, everything will be all right…” Here is an opportunity to make friends with the irrepressible monkey mind and even experience some “monkey magic,” thanks to the transformative powers of qigong.


This workshop is suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners, of any age. The movements involved are gentle and can be adapted to suit any level of fitness.




DATE: Friday 15th January 2021

TIME: 6:30 – 8:30pm

PLACE: Kundalini House Yoga Studio/Online

PRICE: Studio $40 Full/ Conc $30 or Online $30


The teacher, Justine McGill, is a practicing psychologist as well as a qigong teacher who has trained with Nicole Lee and Simon Blow.

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