Ray Man Shabad

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Join us for this very special time, a 2.5 hour recitation of the Ray Man Shabad.

The Ray Man Shabad is an instruction to the soul to practice union in every thought, word, or action. When we recite the Ray Man the sound current has a subtle but profound effect on all levels of our being. It travels through every cell of the body and adjusts the inner vibratory frequency to a state known as ‘The Golden Buddha’.


What Yogi Bhajan says about this Shabad:

“Guru Gobind Singh’s entire Shabad is meant to penetrate through the mental body, right into your own spirit. The secret of this Shabad is that it is a pure Naad Yoga. The combination and permutation of sound is totally practical in this Shabad. The tongue creates a certain pressure on the upper palate. This Shabad has the capacity, if man is bewitched by incurable disease, if sung properly through the tongue and mouth, to bring total health. Each sound must be said exactly correctly. It can lead to perfect state of mental health and surrounding spirit.”

Perfection of this Shabad can make you like a Golden Buddha. You will have wisdom, you will have the purity of a Yogi, and you will have an essence. I request everyone who believes in higher values to remember this Shabad in perfect sound. It is very perfect combination. As a Shabad you can sing 11 times a day, you will feel the miraculous effect of it on your body, mind, and soul.”

This sadhana is by Donation


If you would like to join us and have to yet learn the Shabad, please email Jai Inder  jaiinder@ajoonee.com who will be able to forward you the Ray Man learning tool.



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