Sacred Rest – The Healing Gift of Restorative Yoga Spring

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Sacred Rest 2021 – The Healing Gift of Restorative Yoga

Time: Sunday 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Dates: September 12th 2021  – Spring

Teacher: Rachel Hanrahan

To book this gift of deep complete rest, please visit the link below:


Sacred Rest is a lovingly crafted lush?

Experience of deep healing restorative yoga with Yoga Australia senior yoga teacher Rachel Hanrahan. This is a luscious workshop for all abilities that weaves a gentle fusion of restorative yoga, somatic movement, therapeutic breathing methods, crystal bowl sound healing and the evidence based iRest yoga nidra.  You will access deep states of relaxation through para sympathetic nervous system restoration to allow your body and mind to access its own innate healing abilities.

Restorative practices create the rest and relaxation response in our nervous systems which help us tap into our innate ability to heal. The demands of contemporary life often has us stressed and rushed.  We can experience anxiety, sleep disorders, injury and illness.  Sacred Rest is designed to help bring the body back to a deep sense of healing where we can begin to repair our nervous systems.  The results can be improved sleep, digestion, inspiration, health and vitality.  The workshop includes the luscious Crystal singing bowls.  As the Crystal bowls are played, the oscillation and resonance of the sound vibration moves through our physical bodies and penetrates into our cells putting us in harmony with the sound wave allowing you to drop into a relaxed state.  This is followed by restorative yoga practices designed for the season to allow your nervous system to access the healing states of “rest and digest”.

Deepening into Sacred Rest we conclude with the evidence based iRest yoga nidra.

The workshop is a declaration of self care and self love.


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