Sacred World Music Concert With Sophia Tuv

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Sacred World Music Concert With Sophia Tuv


Join us for a wonderful evening concert by Sophia Tuv, Sophia Tuv is a sacred world and mystic folk singer. She is deeply connected to the Kundalini Yoga lineage . She regularly practices and singings the Chants of the tradition.


Sophia is based in Israel and passing through Melbourne at the moment. She invites you to an Evening that is dedicated to, mantras prayers and songs to connect to the heart and uplift the spirit.


The evening will consist of original prayers ,Gurmukhi  and Sanskrit Chants, Ancient Hebrew, and medicine songs.


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Date: 21st September

Time: 7-9pm

Price: $35 Full or $30 Memb/Conc

Venue: Kundalini House


Music from Sophia Tuv:

Light :

Ong Namo: International Yoga festival In the desert of Israel

My heart – a prayer to the divine moon:

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