Sadhana With Sat Purkh & Abhai Raj

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Join Sat Purkh & Abhai Raj to experience the Aquarian Sadhana with live music. 

The Ultimate Approach to Change’ Sadhana is a spiritual practice, a discipline of the mind and body to allow one to express the infinite within one’s self. Sadhana is a conscious activity to rise, exercise the body and meditate. Doing Sadhana in a group harmonises and balances out the differences in each individual; the happiness of one person will balance the sadness of another.

There are differences between Sadhana and a regular class. The facilitator keeps talking to a minimum and whilst leading the group may choose to take part in the yoga.


Outline of Sadhana: 5am – Reading of a spiritual text 5:20 – Adi Mantra & Yoga Set 6:20 – Sadhana Mantras for the Aquarian Age, accompanied by live music at times. 7:30 – End.


All classes are suitable for beginners through to advanced students of yoga.


When: Sunday 7th April

Time:  5 – 7:30am

Where: Kundalini House

By donation

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