Spiritual Dimension : The Journey Of the Soul

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Join Daya Prakash, Harmanjeet Singh and Jai Inder for this special event.

Being aware of the mind from the point of consciousness allows us the opportunity to observe its negative and positive facets from a neutral position. This frees the mind from its imagined limitations of duality, and enables the mind to penetrate beyond time and space. Here you are guided towards your true identity which is timeless and limitless soul.

Shunia is the state of being beyond the body and beyond the mind, and the birthplace of originality. Your origin. Experiencing awareness from the point of consciousness is the corner stone of many ancient spiritual practices, and is a blessing in itself that guides you on the journey of your soul.

The true journey of you.

The destiny of the soul is to awaken from its latent state of neutrality and alight the human body and mind so we may radiate the light of truth. Feel free to join us on the journey, as we fulfil our destiny and awaken the light of the soul from within.

For more information please contact Jai Inder on 0467 557 345 or jaiinder@ajoonee.com


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