Strengthening the Heart – Kundalini Yoga 5 Day Intensive with Rhonda Weatherby

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Strengthening the Heart – Kundalini Yoga 5 Day Intensive 
A 5-day Intensive to Heal and Open the Heart
inspired by Kundalini Yoga.

9:430 – 10:45am, 3 – 7 January – In Studio & Online
With a focus on healing and opening the heart center through Kundalini Yoga and Meditations, we will support a closed heart, an inactive thymus gland, toxic brain and body chemistry and the inability to experience and shine our inner light.
Using heart-opening techniques to correct body/brain chemistry imbalances and deficiencies and stimulate the thymus gland to secrete in healthy ways, gradually reactivating this inactive gland and inviting the heart to open naturally. Those suffering from the gnawing pains of depression can fill their inner void by awakening the light of their soul.
These practices will support us to cultivate love and compassion for self and others.  This will be an opportunity for you to surrender your analytical brain,
balance the head and heart and move towards healing emotional wounds.


Book via our website! Intensives are priced at the cost of a regular class per session.

Use the promocode ‘summer’ to get 10% off a 5, 10 or 20 Class Pass, in studio

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