Support Precedes Movement

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Support Precedes Movement

How to use your legs to support your body for greater rhythm, energy and flow on the run.



Your body moves better when you provide it with the right support.


Most runners do not give much consideration to their organs. However, given the critical functions they perform it is well worth giving them some attention…Your organs are the source of your inner vitality. Occupying your inner space, they provide you with an internal organisation that gives full bodied support to your skeletal alignment and contributes to the patterning of fine muscular co-ordination. As you run, your legs are there to provide you with the support necessary to free up the rhythm, energy and movement of your organ systems.

The ‘support phase’ of a runner’s stride – the moment when a runner lands on their forward leg – sets up our legs’ supportive function. Sadly, many runners over push with their legs or land with their foot ahead of their centre. This means that they do not achieve whole body integration during the support phase of their stride placing stress on the vital organs. This in turn reduces energy, increases tension and creates excessive work for the musculoskeletal system.

At the workshop you will learn how to run in a way that highlights the supportive role of your legs. The focus is on finding deep support that creates the conditions for energy to flow in your running. When you know how to use your legs to support all of your vital your organs you will enjoy greater rhythm, energy and flow on the run.

This workshop has much to offer to: mindful movers, runners, walkers, healthcare practitioners, students and teachers of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.



This workshop is facilitated by Maggie Macgill, who is an accomplished Chi Running® and Pilates teacher with 17 years of international coaching experience. Maggie holds a degree in research methods, Masters level certification in Pilates and is a qualified life coach. Her clients have included sufferers of acute and chronic pain through to professional sportspeople, paralympians and Olympic gold medalists. Pilates and Chi Running® are intelligent movement systems that harness the principles of alignment, balance and flow to reconnect you to your natural state of vitality. Maggie’s expert knowledge and customized application of these systems forms the basis of a powerful workshop that will leave you feeling refreshed, connected, confident and inspired.


A footnote for those who are unfamiliar with Chi Running®: 

Based on the Tai Chi principles of alignment, balance and flow, the Chi Running® technique shifts the work of running to the centre of the body. Moving this way is highly efficient and protects the body from injury. Chi Running® is a mindful practice, creates a deep sense of physical presence and a clear connection to your body in motion.




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