Tantric Hatha 5 Day Intensive with Whitney Cummins

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Moon, Sun and Fire Sadhanas – Tantric Hatha 5 Day Intensive
Tantric Hatha; Expansion through Ancient techniques; Moon, Sun and Fire Sadhanas
Breaking down the Sanskrit of Tantra into its two parts: TAN is to stretch, expand, and accelerate and TRA is to move beyond limits, to protect.
Yoga has always been a system for self-mastery, far beyond just relaxation. In Tantric Hatha we lean into the moon, sun, and fire sadhanas based on the 7 stages of progression of the ancient text, the Gheranda Samhita.
In moon, we ground and steady ourselves; in sun, we discover and call upon the light of awareness; and in fire, we burn our limiting beliefs and hone in our innate power into expansiveness.
The Hatha structure of asana, bandha, mantra, pranayama and meditation will all be included.
Take a deep dive into enriching your understanding of a personal practice and how the ancient techniques of yoga can magnify and illuminate your life on and off the mat.

Book via our website! Intensives are priced at the cost of a regular class per session.

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