The Five Element Workshop Series – Volume I: Earth Workshop

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The Five Element Workshop Series – Volume I: Earth Workshop

with Joanna Nation on 22nd February 2019

Once summer has reached its height, the year’s cycle begins its transition into the season of late summer – the season of Earth. The Earth element grants us the ability to internalise by learning to nourish and care for ourselves. We start to be conscious of the harvest of our life.

This specialised 2 hour workshop will combine a variety of techniques in line with the Earth element, aligning with the organs and meridians of the stomach and spleen. These techniques include:


The 5 elements theory is used to interpret the relationship between the internal systems and patterns of the human body in line with the natural environment, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These elements are represented as; Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal with the corresponding 5 seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, Late Summer and Autumn.

These workshops are an in-depth exploration of the relationship between body, mind and our natural world. Employing ancient and modern techniques, the focus is on keeping a connection to both our inner and outer realms in the face of a fast paced society. The aim is to provide an approach to movement and meditation that combines spirituality with science.

Cost: $40 for Non- Members // $25 for House Members

When: 7-9pm

Teacher: Joanna Nation

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Please contact Kundalini House reception for any questions OR speak to Joanna directly at one of her classes.

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