‘The Golden Month’ – SPECIAL Prenatal Yoga Class and Traditional Chinese Medicine Information session

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THE GOLDEN MONTH – Traditional Chinese Pre + Postpartum Care
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the four to six week period immediately following birth is known as the Golden Month.
The first 4-6 weeks postpartum are an intense but beautiful transition period for both the new mother and baby. This ‘Golden Month’ is considered to be an essential time for the mother to heal and recover from the physical and emotional stresses of pregnancy and birth, and to prepare for life as a mother.
The golden month focuses on putting the new mother’s needs first, with this precious time being put aside solely for rest, nourishment, recovery and bonding between mother and baby in a strongly supported environment. The golden month reflects the core ideals of traditional Chinese medicine, with the goal of restoring harmony in the body to achieve optimal health for both Mother and baby.
We are excited to let you know that Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner Michaela Rinkel will be doing a special talk on the Golden Month at one of our upcoming prenatal yoga classes.
Join us for a beautiful one hour prenatal yoga class, followed by an informative discussion with Michaela about the Golden Month, and how to prepare for this time after birth.
Thursday 21 April 2022
10:45am – 12:15pm

Michaela Rinkel
BHSc (Chinese Medicine), AHPRA, AACMA

Michaela completed her studies at Southern School of Natural Therapies, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine). Since graduating, she has spent much of her time studying the intricacies of Classical Chinese Medicine, and is dedicated to continuing to grow her knowledge in this area. 

Michaela is interested in working with a variety of health concerns, but through her practice she has developed a special interest in the areas of fertility, pregnancy and women’s health.

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