Who are you? A kundalini Yoga Workshop with Sat Sarbat & Satmukh

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How much do you identify with your thoughts, emotions, and feelings? How much do you identify with your role, shape, and beliefs? We try to be different and unique through what we wear, what we think, what we say, … but our source of unicity is deeper than that. At the superficial level, we are very different, we have boundaries, and the ego wants to keep these barriers to exist. We get attached to the external form, spending hours in front of the mirror, to look better, to be appreciated, to be noticed, to be loved. Who are you when nobody looks at you? You don’t need anything or anybody to exist!

Our source of unicity and existence, at the soul level, is the bridge toward togetherness. Once you recognize your infinity, you experience humility facing the vastness of the creation, and the longing to merge and go back home!

This workshop will be a time to explore your true identity!


Have you hugged your soul today? Have you talked to yourself today? We ignore our identity. And we deny our identity to ourselves. We want to please everybody for everything and not ourselves. Then we have mental problems. We get burnt out. We get tired. We get frustrated. We get depressed. Why not? We must now start to learn to remove our body blocks and let the mind understand that we don’t have only a body, we have a mind of our own, and we have a soul of our own. And our body, mind, and soul make our identity. We cannot just cater to our physical body. – Yogi Bhajan




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