5 Day Hatha Yoga Intensive Course – Promoting improved body awareness, breathing techniques and meditation

5 Day Hatha Yoga Intensive Course: Inviting students of all levels to explore a deeper practice promoting improved body awareness, breathing techniques and meditation. To deepen your practice   When: 8th-12th April Time: 6:30 - 7:30am   Do you sometimes feel as though you leave practice achier and a little more stressed than before you [...]

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Childhood Trauma Recovery Program. 14 week Kundalini Yoga course supporting people with Post Traumatic Stress

Restore your original strength & resilience - Childhood Trauma Recovery Program. A 14 week Kundalini Yoga course supporting people with Post Traumatic Stress. This course is an evidence based course for people who have experienced stress or trauma in their younger years. Research shows that the body stores trauma in muscle tissue and the brain. The effects [...]

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Teens Yoga – Term 1 2019

 IF YOUR TEEN IS…. EXPERIENCING mood changes, stress with new/old changes, difficulty in concentrating and focusing on tasks, or in their daily activities such as sleep/appetite/routine. Encourage them to try Teen Yoga. WHAT WILL YOUR TEEN LEARN? Tracking sensations in your own unique body, and gain skills to notice its presence and potential when you [...]

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Three ways Yoga helps the Nervous System

Three ways Yoga helps the Nervous System by Pip Atherstone-Reid   ‘The nervous system is a network of cells and fibres, which transmits nerve impulses between parts of the body.’ Online Dictionary One of the ways Yoga helps the nervous system is through the balance and regulation of the ultaradian rhythms of the body. The [...]

Supporting yourSelf through detoxification

Like the rest of us, you probably feel a little bit sluggish and bloated after over-indulging through the Christmas/New Year period.  You might have stacked on a few kilos or you could be surviving on caffeine to get you through the day.  It might be time for a bit of a Detox to recharge the [...]

Preparing for Birth with Guided Breathing and Deep Relaxation

By Nina Isabella In her wonderful book Gentle Birth Choices, Barbara Harper talks about the profound benefits of regularly practicing deep guided relaxation during pregnancy.  Harper states that during labour, women experience an altered state of consciousness. Knowing this gives us the superb opportunity to work with the body's innate desire to rest during labour.  [...]

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