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Seeing Things Differently at the Aquarian Full Moon While restless Mars has been rocketing through its own sign of Aries for the last month, ensuring a self willed urge for action, this may not feel like a particularly active period. There is still much internal focus with Jupiter, Chiron, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune soon to [...]

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Astrology With Gil Dwyer – Peace and Integrity at the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Peace and Integrity at the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse After a somewhat subterranean journey through Pisces— at best linked to spiritual warrior energy—Mars is moving into its own sign of Aries on the 28th of June. Rather than the usual six week visit, Mars will remain there for six months, to include a retrograde [...]

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Astrology With Gil Dwyer

Expansion and Letting Go of Past Beliefs at the Sagittarian Full Moon Eclipse   In these ‘unprecedented’ times, the eclipse season is fast approaching. This is a time when the evolution of humanity is intensified, with the first of three eclipses within a month occuring on the 6th of June. It marks the start of [...]

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Appreciating Self and Loving Relationships at the Libran Full Moon   While astrology can help us realise the profound meaning behind otherwise apparently random events, such as the current pandemic, it cannot tell us when it will end. The answer to that question hinges on our collective response, with lock-downs and the mechanics of the [...]

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Embracing the Courage to let your Heart Light Shine at the Leo Full Moon   Mercury moves from Aquarius into Pisces on Monday the 3rd of February joining Neptune and Venus there and contributing to the dreamy energy, enhancing creative imagination and suggesting a pull towards the esoteric. While it will not go retrograde until [...]

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Love and Future Possibilities: Jupiter into Capricorn and the Gemini Full Moon   As Saturn draws ever closer to Pluto some five weeks away from their fated meeting, Jupiter, the planet of expansion will meet the contraction of Saturn’s sign of Capricorn from Tuesday the 3rd of December, contributing to the buildup of planets there. [...]

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Transformational Times and Tuning into Nature’s Rhythms at the Taurus Full Moon  The recent Scorpio New Moon set the tone for the deep healing that so many of us appear to be immersed in at this time. After meeting up with Venus on Halloween, Mercury goes retrograde for an intense Scorpionic journey the very next [...]

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Pluto adding urgency and momentum for change to the Aries Full Moon   Pluto makes its powerful and uncompromising presence felt as it precisely squares off both the Sun and the Moon at the Aries Full Moon. This is a dynamic month with issues of power, control and manipulation in the spotlight. Jupiter turned direct [...]

Understanding Karmic Connections- By Melanie June

Understanding Karmic Connections- By Melanie June There is potent energy in the air planetary wise at the moment with Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron and Mercury in retrograde, beckoning us for deep transformation and triggering old wounds to be released. We also have a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn Wednesday July 17th (Australia [...]

Astrology With Gil Dwyer July 2019

Believe in yourself at the Capricorn Full Moon/ Partial Lunar Eclipse The current eclipse season started with the 17th of June Sagittarian Full Moon, which so poetically occurred right at the galactic centre of the universe. While the portal will close at the next New Moon in Leo on the 1st of August, the influence [...]