kundalini house workshop

Building a language around movement – Workshop With Gav Barbey

Building a language around movement workshop with Gav Barbey Saturday 16th January 2021   In this workshop we we travel the body, the physical, the imaginative and the ephemeral body—through breath, movement and enquiry we will look at creating a language both pictorial (based upon movement) and written (based upon sound)   Utilising the traditions of [...]

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Qigong for anxiety workshop: Taming the monkey mind – With Justine McGill

Qigong for anxiety workshop: taming the monkey mind      In the practice of cultivating energy known as qigong, there is a well-known move called “Repulse the monkey.” Many movements in qigong have names that relate to animals or elements of the natural world, reflecting its origins in rural China, where practitioners lived in harmony [...]

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