Astrology With Gil Dwyer – Peace and Integrity at the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Peace and Integrity at the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse After a somewhat subterranean journey through Pisces— at best linked to spiritual warrior energy—Mars is moving into its own sign of Aries on the 28th of June. Rather than the usual six week visit, Mars will remain there for six months, to include a retrograde [...]

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Remembering how to relax 7-week Kundalini yoga course to alleviate Stress and Anxiety With Nancy Hanley

Remembering how to relax 7-week Kundalini yoga course to alleviate Stress and Anxiety With Nancy Hanley   Our ability to relax, or to even know what that truly feels like, is diminishing. We spend way too much time in a ‘switched on’ hyper alert state, ending up ‘tired and wired’, and generally unable to cope.   [...]

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Can’t sleep? – Tips From Dr Leela Klein

Can’t sleep?   You are not on your own. Almost 90% of Australians suffer from a sleeping disorder, with 30% having a severe sleeping disorder, and 5% experiencing chronic insomnia. Furthermore, as we age our sleep patterns change, it will generally take longer to fall asleep and the quality of sleep is reduced. The elderly [...]

Positive Effects of Massage Therapy on Biochemistry From Luisa Scire

Positive Effects of Massage Therapy on Biochemistry   Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that is Predominantly responsible for regulating our sense of calm. Feelings of contentment, satisfaction and well-being are generated by this neurotransmitter, prompting relaxation and peace. Dopamine also plays a role in executive function which relates our ability to sustain attention, stay alert, and [...]

Learning to understand your body & yourself – Yoga and Meditation for Anxiety & stress from Nancy Hanley

WEATHER PATTERNS OF YOUR BODY AND THE RETURN TO BALANCE   Right now I’m up in far north Queensland teaching yoga by the beach. I’ve been here for 3 weeks and each morning I watch the changing weather patterns of the ocean. No two days are the same. For a few days it will be [...]

Astrology With Gil Dwyer

Living in Peace and Harmony leading into the Aquarius Full Moon The Leo New Moon got the month of August off to a creative, fiery and heartfelt start, ideally reconnecting us on some level with our inner child. Mercury stationed to turn direct an hour before the New Moon and will be in its shadow [...]


THE SUMMER SOLSTICE - A KUNDALINI YOGA WORKSHOP with Namo Dev Spend an afternoon aligning with the rhythms of nature. On this day of the Summer Solstice, let us gather in ritual and practice to celebrate and honour the gifts of the Sun, of light and of fire. We will practice kriyas from the Kundalini [...]

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Kundalini Mind & Meditation Workshop

Kundalini Mind & Meditation Workshop with Joanna Nation   In this specialised 2 hour workshop we’ll explore methods to rewire the brain and arrive at ‘thoughtlesness’ through kriya and meditation. Shuniya is the state of zero, silence and stillness. Reaching this becomes a practiced discipline.In this modern day and age we require certain tools to train our mind by directing it to confront  our unlimited soul. Our lives [...]

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So what is Kirtan?

Kirtan is a practice of traditional Indian Devotional Chanting-  an enjoyable and simple way to achieve a blissful state of yogic peace and purification. Traditional Sanskrit Mantras are sung with the accompaniment of Harmonium, Indian percussion and nowadays guitar bass and other instruments. The Kirtan “Leader” sings the mantra and the group repeats in unison. [...]

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