Transformational Voicework

Transformational Voicework doors open 1.30pm   Transformational Voicework with Michelle Byrne draws from a vast knowledge of contemporary vocal and singing techniques, blended with sacred sound techniques including chanting, toning, mantra and sound therapy. Michelle's relaxed, supportive approach has proven to assist many people to free their voice, overcoming blocks to vocal expression. Studying with [...]

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Kirtan for Freedom with Sun Hyland and friends

Kirtan for Freedom with Sun Hyland and friends 2.30pm- 4.30pm Doors open at 2pm Tickets $20/$15 concession BOOK HERE!   All proceeds of the Kirtan go to Yoga fro Freedom to support their initiative to end the vicious cycle of child sex slavery. For more information on Yoga for Freedom, please head to     Disclaimer: [...]

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Kundalini Kirtan Evening with Sun Hyland and friends

 Kundalini Kirtan Evening with Sun Hyland and friends Join Sun Hyland for a lovely evening of chants and mantra from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. These beautiful, simple mantras create the most wonderful vibrational experience that clears the mind and soothes the heart. This is the 4th Kundalini Kirtan night we've done in the last few [...]

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Yin Song with Erika Newberry

Yin Song  - a spring workshop; using voice and yin yoga to connect with the uniqueness of YOU!   Each and every one of us is unique! As we transition into Spring we are invited to open up to new opportunities and to connect with our own individual path. This workshop is designed to give [...]

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So what is Kirtan?

Kirtan is a practice of traditional Indian Devotional Chanting-  an enjoyable and simple way to achieve a blissful state of yogic peace and purification. Traditional Sanskrit Mantras are sung with the accompaniment of Harmonium, Indian percussion and nowadays guitar bass and other instruments. The Kirtan “Leader” sings the mantra and the group repeats in unison. [...]

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