Astrology with Gil Dwyer

Moving beyond Limitations and Drama at the Aries Full Moon The recent Spring Equinox evoked a weighing up of our gains and losses to date in this Global Reset Year of 2020. With the Equinox Moon’s presence in Sagittarius perhaps progress, justice and the excitment of new horizons will help to guide us back out [...]

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Teens Yoga – 4 Week Course

Teens Yoga Term 2019 - 4 Week Course November 11th - December 2nd 2019 3:45-4:45pm   The Teens Yoga Course is based on the practice of Kundalini yoga for people aged between 12 and 17 and will introduce yoga and meditation in a safe and supportive environment. Each class will include a unique combination of [...]

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Astrology With Gil Dwyer

A Focus on Balance and Harmony as we approach the Spring Equinox and the Libran New Moon   Boundary setter Saturn has been travelling apparently backwards since late April turning our focus inward. This may be prompting a serious examination of current directions, what we want to accomplish and how we can make it all [...]

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SPRING PURIFICATION AN ĀYURVEDA & YOGA WORKSHOP With Namo Dev   As spring approaches, the days become brighter and warmer. Winter's chill begins to melt away and liquify, saturating the earth with moisture. The environment around us becomes fertile with growth. In our living spaces we open up doors and windows allowing the spring air [...]

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AYURVEDIC TIPS - SIMPLIFY YOUR DIET By Namo Dev   Our digestive system can be very sensitive to long distant travel, change in diet and disruption to routine, which can make for an uncomfortable time. Add to that the absence of our daily cup of caffeine or slice of something sweet – if that’s your [...]

Astrology report with Gillian Dwyer

Always look on the Bright Side of Life: Trust Yourself   The cosmic weather over the last few months has been intense and unrelenting, what with three especially powerful eclipses, and all those planets going backwards from earth’s perspective. The forecast period begins and ends with powerful cosmic influences to assist us with making positive [...]

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Spring Intensive: Embodied meditative presence with Rachel Hanrahan

Inspiration & renewal The Season of Spring vibrant with the awakened earth from winter’s slumber as nature blossoms with new life. Spring entices us with inspiration and potential for renewal. It is a beautiful time to begin or deepen a meditation practice…the early morning sunlight naturally awakens us to connect and begin positive change. Rachel [...]

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