THE RITUAL FEMININE – Calling the circle

THE RITUAL FEMININECalling the circle - AUTUMNA 3 hour journey of sacred rites and practices for remembering feminine medicine for self healing and insight.with Rachel Hanrahan and Rebecca Van Horssen.Enter the space of healer as dreamer and her pathway of power and insight. Here we cultivate the innate wisdom and magic of the authentic self. [...]

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Come together with a cup of tea and a notebook for an informative, interactive and integrative approach to understanding body-mind wellness.   Namo Dev is a health practitioner and yoga teacher that is trained in the traditional medicine of ancient India. She is bringing together these monthly gatherings to deliver the wisdom of these teachings [...]

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Marriage – the highest form of yoga

Over the last couple of months, the hot debate over marriage equality has been seen frequently in the media, giving us all a chance to reflect on what marriage really means in modern day Australia. There is no debate about the benefits of marriage upon physical and mental wellbeing.  A happy marriage gives us a [...]

Know thyself….

Recently I worked with a woman who was having issues in her relationship.  Her partner was often ‘needing space’ in order to regain her own self/refill her batteries.  Through talking with her about how she felt when her partner spent time away she came to the awareness this was pushing her buttons of feeling unlovable.  [...]

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