Sacred Rest – The Healing Gift Of Restorative Yoga With Rachel Hanrahan

Sacred Rest 2020 - The Healing Gift of Restorative Yoga   Sacred Rest is a lovingly crafted lush experience of deep healing restorative yoga with Rachel Hanrahan. This workshop weaves a gentle fusion of restorative yoga, therapeutic breathing methods, crystal bowl sound healing and the evidence based iRest yoga nidra. Allow your body and mind [...]

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Sound Bath Meditation With Sally Hutchison

Sound Bath Meditation with Sally Hutchison Immerse yourself in sound. The techniques used can induce a deep state of relaxation and effect change on every level of your being – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual, and this leads to balance and self-healing. It’s an amazing and powerful process. Harmonises the nervous system Induces deep [...]

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Playing the Gong

Playing the Gong - the experience of playing the divine instrument by the Gong Puja team, edited by Siri Daya   Just as everyone who is relaxing on a mat during a gong bath has a unique experience, gong players also report different feelings, emotions and sensations. However, without exception, we all love playing the [...]

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