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Vegetarian Diet: Staying Healthy and Well – Chapter 9: Ayurvedic Sun Foods, Ground Foods & Earth Foods

Ayurvedic Sun Foods, Ground Foods & Earth Foods by Pip Atherstone-Reid Another way of choosing your food is by considering where in the environment they grow.  Foods that grow more than 1 metre above the ground are considered Sun foods, they absorb the maximum energy from the sun.  And are considered very high, etheric foods.  They are easy to digest [...]

Astrology Report

Astrology Report Set Your Sights High and Wide at the Sagittarius New Moon The recent arrival of Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius was followed shortly afterwards by a meeting between the Sun and Jupiter, exact on Monday the 26th of November. The bigger than expected swing to Labor at the recent Victorian election had a particularly Jupiterian feel [...]


Tina’s Practice

My Practice by Tina LaRocca   I am passionate about helping people find balance and renewal amidst the stresses of life.... and relief from pain that shows up in our bodies. My work is not only about treating the symptoms but about finding the cause or source of the problem. I am also a lecturer in Remedial Massage and the [...]


Vegetarian Diet: Staying Healthy and Well – Chapter 8: The Nature of Food

The Nature of Food by Pip Atherstone-Reid   WARMING OR COOLING Different foods are considered warm or cooling to our systems in Traditional Medicines.  Warming and hot foods; warm the body and cooling and cold foods; cool the body.  Cool foods are generally harder to digest than warmer foods if not eaten in balance as they can put out the [...]

Sun’s thank you and farewell

Sun's thank you and farewell Over the last weeks I have sat down many times, thinking and writing, attempting to find the right words for this letter to you. How to express equal amounts of sadness, gratitude and excitement? How to find words that convey the joy and connection I have been able to experience over the past two-and-a-half years? [...]

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Vegetarian Diet: Staying Healthy and Well – Chapter 7: Digestive Fire

Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine talk a lot about Digestive Fire and place a lot importance in eating foods and adopting habits that keep the stomach nice and warm.  What this means is keeping the function of the digestion working well.  Yang is function and what we eat, our lifestyle and unfortunately the aging process starts to diminish Yang or function.  [...]