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Grounding & self soothing techniques for emotional regulation When you are feeling activated within the body and are experiencing distressing emotions it is helpful to focus on aspects of the physical world, rather than on your internal thoughts and feelings.  Below are grounding techniques to help you to focus and ground your awareness in the present. Sensing the Breath Observe [...]

Astrology Report with Gillian Dwyer

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time (Abraham Lincoln) The Sun moved into Gemini on Monday 21st of May, picking up the pace a little and bringing curiosity and a social and talkative energy to the month ahead. A harmonious water trine between Neptune and Jupiter (exact on Saturday 26 May) brings [...]

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Astrology Report with Gillian Dwyer

A New Beginning:  Expect the Unexpected The annual Taurus New Moon occurs at 9:47 pm on Tuesday 15th of May at 25 degrees. A Taurus New Moon constitutes quite a stable energy, with the Moon exalted in this sensuous sign that is ruled by Venus. The sheer earthiness of this Moon is underpinned by the presence of many planets either [...]