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Astrology With Gillian Dwyer – Happy Astrological New Year and a Full Moon highlighting Relationships

Happy Astrological New Year and a Full Moon highlighting Relationships The second half of March contrasts the first, enabling the dreams we conjured earlier in the month, under the sway of a particularly Piscean New Moon, to be turned into reality. This is aided by the power and intensity of Mars as it makes things [...]

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Autumn A Time For Letting Go

Oyster Shells & Dragon Bone – Chinese Medicine  Dr Leela Klein (TCM), 0421 283 442,  www.shellsandbones.com.au   Autumn is the season where the hot summer days gradually become shorter, where the cold creeps in and where the energising energy of summer is replaced by the deeper, more introspective, contracting energies of autumn. Autumn also governs [...]

Your Guide To A Healthy Spleen & The Importance

Your Guide To A Healthy Spleen & The Importance by Leela Klein   The Spleen, from a Chinese medicine point of view, is responsible for digesting food and converting it into energy (Qi), similar to the way the pancreas releases insulin to allow the body's cells to absorb ingested glucose, providing the cells with energy. [...]

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Tarot Reading Offering With Rebecca Van Horssen

RITUAL TAROT READINGS Tarot is an ancient and powerful modality that is as magical as it is grounded in real, applicable wisdom and insight. The layers of meaning in a tarot reading run deep, as we connect with archetypes, spirit, symbolism, the collective energy of the tarot, and our individual intuitive guidance and spirit allies. [...]

Astrology Report With Gillian Dwyer

Endings and Beginnings and the importance of maintaining Equilibrium In the middle of February there’s a bit of a dance going on between what is real and what’s a fantasy, as Venus in Capricorn variously interacts with the boundaries of Saturn and the vast ocean of possibilities of Neptune. As all the planets continue in [...]

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