LiveStream Online Classes

Enjoy a full week of live, interactive LiveStream Yoga classes from the comfort of your own home.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini House in North Fitzroy offers a full week of LiveStream Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Prenatal Yoga, Mums & Bubs, Yoga Therapy classes and courses. Our professional and experienced Yoga Teachers will create an experience as if you are present in the class.

Connect in with your community and practice with others in the comfort of your own home and then come into our beautiful studio for face to face classes and enjoy the experience of practicing safely with others in person and meeting your teacher.

Our online system has been set up and designed by professional audio specialists to create an experience to enjoy.

It’s very simple, all you need to do is book into a class via our website or app and you will  receive an email with the Class Link details an hour before your class.  Keep the email handy so you can easily retrieve it when the class is about to start.

“Easy instructions for using the right technology to access the class. It was my first time doing an online class. Instructor acknowledged and welcomed each person to the class which helped me feel more connected in the online context. Class was enjoyable and very calming. It was a good experience for my first online class because I was a bit nervous about it. Thank you” JK

See our TIMETABLE for classes and bookings.

Getting set up for LiveStream Classes?

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J

Before you begin your classes:

Download ZOOM: Video Conferencing onto your computer or device.
Note: Some browsers may need updating to do so.

You can sign in for our online classes in the usual methods on our website via the timetable, on the Kundalini House app and the MindBody app.

Receiving the class link email:

Your Class Link will be sent to you instantly, once you have booked in, by an ‘LiveStream Class Link Confirmation’ email &/or text.

The email will come from

  • If you find you haven’t received this email it may be because you haven’t opted in to email notifications when you registered your details via our MindBody system, or the email has landed in your junk or spam box.  PLEASE save our email to your email address book if you can.
  • If you have any troubles, please call reception on 0394824325 during business hours or text 0400604981 after hours.

Setting up for yoga:

Each class may use various props, some teachers will show you before the class begins of ways you can use home made options. If you do have props at home, please have those ready at hand for your class and your mat.

We have bolsters, mats, blocks, straps, eye pillows and cushions available in store for pickup or delivery.

Ensure you have enough space around you and you have some privacy.  We are very accustomed to having pets and kids join classes!


Some teachers may share their Spotify playlist or a Youtube track for use during the class.  So if you have another device you can play this from, have it ready.  Don’t worry if you don’t, it’s not essential.

Do feel free to play your own music during your practice.

Signing in for Class:

The best view for you to enjoy your LiveStram class experience is to select ‘Speaker View’ & ‘View Full Screen’ (you will find these options at the top right cnr of your screen)

You can choose to see a side panel of others in the class or minimise the box to only see the teacher.

Welcome to your LiveStream class experience!

Please try and join the class before the starting time of the class so the teacher can greet you and check your name off the class list.

Upon joining the class set up your screen view and open the ‘CHAT’ option to read any correspondence.

If your ZOOM name is not your full name, please write your name in the ‘CHAT’ box.  You can send it to everyone or select Kundalini House (Host) for a private message.

Please let the teacher know if you have any injuries, challenges or anything that would be helpful for them to know to help assist you through the class.  You can do this via CHAT or unmute yourself and speak to them directly.

Please feel free to chat to the teacher before class begins.  Though if you are not talking we ask you to mute your microphone, you can find this option at the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

We encourage you, if you feel comfortable, to leave your camera on and place it where the teacher can see you practicing, this way the teacher can give guidance throughout the class and teach to you all fully. Of course, this is optional for everyone.

Are you new to Kundalini Yoga?

Visit here to learn more.  There is a link there with ‘Commonly used Mantra’s’. You may want to print it out for your use.

We look forward to seeing you online soon.

How do you get the most out of my class?

When your attitude shifts from fearing challenges to accepting them, you’ll break through your limitations.  When you learn to be excited by challenges, you’ll become limitless.

  • Set up a space in your home, office or outside where you have enough room to move and where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Prepare your mat and have a blanket, bolster, strap and block handy if you have them.
    • There are many props you can use in the house if you don’t have any yoga equipment.  Try a towel for a mat; cushions if you don’t have a bolster and books as blocks.  And if you need a chair to sit comfortably, rather than sitting on the floor, you can easily choose the most comfortable, armless chair available.
  • Please approach the class with care and respect for your body.  Take it at your own pace and if you feel you need to rest, please give yourself that option.
  • We encourage you to have your camera on throughout the class so our teachers can guide you along the way.
  • Feel free to put your own music on to enhance your experience of the class.
  • Please send us any feedback to help us improve our service to you.  It could be about an individual teacher or general feedback.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your class.