Yes, we have clinic appointments and yoga classes after hours.

If you need medical assistance outside of these hours please contact:
13 SICK (13 7425) for the National Home Doctor Service.

Unfortunately our yoga studio is up a flight of stairs on Level one, and there are 4 steps to reach our clinic treatment rooms downstairs so wheelchair access is a little tricky. We do however have ample “parking” room for prams in our foyer for our mums and bubs yoga classes.
Yes, we do sell gift vouchers. You can buy them online or you can come into our store and buy a gift card in person. Our gift vouchers can be spent on yoga, a treatment of the recipient’s choice or any of the products that we have in our shop. You can purchase a gift voucher over the phone or online. (For online vouchers you can customise your own voucher.)

Yes, You are entitled to concession rates if you are a full time student or if you have small children under the age of two or unemployed.

If you are not eligible for concession rates, we are always happy to explain cheaper options if you ask us. We do have special deals which make some of our treatments cheaper.

During reception hours

Please use the main door to our shop and clinic for all treatments and yoga classes.

kundalini house daytime access

Outside reception hours

Clinic appointments: Please use the main shopfront entrance. Press the door bell, and your practitioner will be with you shortly.

Yoga classes: Please use the security door to the left of the shopfront entrance.
Press the buzzer for ‘Kundalini House’. When the teacher answers you will hear a click, and you can push the door open (push hard, as it’s a heavy door). Make your way down to the back of the corridor, up the stairs, where your teacher will greet you.

kundalini house afterhours access

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Yoga Studio

Yoga is a wonderful way to get your mind and body prepared for the upcoming birth of your child. We offer 3 prenatal classes each week on a Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning. We always advise caution during the first trimester, so it’s important to be forthcoming with this information if you are intending to attend a general class during this time. There are certain postures which may be included in a general class which will not be appropriate during pregnancy, so we would suggest coming along to our prenatal classes instead. Please see our Yoga Timetable to book into a prenatal class.
Our 6 Class Yoga Passes have a 2 month time period on them.  We also understand that there are things that come up in life that can prevent us from our regular yoga practice such as travel or illness.  This is why we will happily extend your yoga pass if you contact us with a valid reason. You can purchase class passes via our Pricing page.
Yes they can. We can link you and your partner together on our MindBody scheduling system so that you can easily share your pass. Please contact us to arrange this.
Upon purchase of your 6 week course, you are eligible for one make-up class if you are unable to attend one of the six classes. This make-up class needs to be used with-in the same 6 week period as your course. Please notify reception and we can book you into another casual class. See our Yoga Courses page for our courses on offer.
If you need to miss 2 or more classes due to medical reasons and you are able to supply a medical certificate we can cancel your course and refund the remaining funds back onto your Kundalini House account. You can then use this credit to return to the course on a casual basis, or put it towards your next 6 week course. You will need to notify reception when you are planning to attend a class so we can book you in and process payment.
If you know that you can only attend 5 sessions of the 6 week course prior to the course starting and it is unlikely that you will be able to attend a make-up session then we will be happy to charge you for a 5 weeks course instead. You will need to specify which date you are unable to attend. This payment will need to be processed through reception only and is not available on the online booking system. This option must be pre-booked prior to the course starting.
Our 6 Prenatal Class passes are transferable between prenatal yoga classes and our Mums and Bubs yoga class. If you have your baby before the pass is used up, simply contact Kundalini House to inform us and we will extend your pass so that you can use it for a Mums and Bubs class once you and your baby are ready.

In Kundalini Yoga you are encouraged to wear clothing that is cotton/natural fibre and white or light in colour.

There is definitely a reason for what you wear. White is able to carry all the colours and when worn the yogis say, extends the aura by a foot. Wearing white is also a practice in itself. You need to be very conscious so that you don’t get dirty!

It is also a practice to wear a turban or head covering, again to enhance the practice and to help contain the energy generated from your practice. The Yogis believe it creates a pressure on the cranial bones and helps direct the energy. In meditation it is helpful to cover the crown of the head.

Although we encourage you to try this for yourself, it is not a pre-requisite for a class. You are welcome to wear what ever makes you feel comfortable.

kundalini house yoga studio clinic

Health Clinic

This depends on your particular Health Insurance policy, so it is always a good idea to contact your insurer to enquiry about what you are entitled to claim on. Our therapists are covered by the Health Funds where possible, so please feel free to call us to find out if your therapist is covered by your particular Health fund.
Absolutely! All of our therapists are trained in prenatal massage, so feel free to book in with any of them for a nurturing relaxation massage or to target specific aches and pains. We always advise caution during the first trimester, so would recommend waiting until you’re at least 12 weeks along. Our therapists are also trained in induction massage using specific acupressure points to encourage your body’s natural progression in to labour. If you would like to book in for a prenatal massage, please call us on 9482 4325 or book online.
We have a 24 hour cancelation policy so if you let us know early enough by calling us on 9482 4325 we will happily reschedule or cancel your appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment outside business hours, you’ll find the number to call on our answering machine recording.

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